Health Tips for OFWs! 5 Delicious Food for Healthy Joints

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Arthritis is one of the most common health problems among Filipinos, and victims are getting even younger. Most of our OFWs really works hard for the family, but many as well at the same time forget to take care of their health.

May it be a laborious task or desk work that we do everyday, taking care of our joints is of great importance. Some arthritis experts would say that the deterioration of joint health is related with age. It is normal the aging body gets weak especially the bones as we age, but joint problems are indirectly related to aging. What makes it weak, is the wear and tear that starts when we fail to protect our bones from damage.

With all the environmental factors to affect us not to mention unhealthy lifestyle, it is very easy to fall victim to arthritis and joint pain. Proper health practices and eating balanced diet is key to strengthen your body. As with strong physicality, we can function better, and live well for the benefit of our loved ones.

We Filipinos love food, but adding this food into your diet is beneficial in protecting your joints.

Seafood – According to research, at age 30, the cartilage starts to have microscopic wear and tear which are barely felt as cartilages do not have nerve endings. The cartilage are the rubbery tissue that serves as the cushions preventing the bones from rubbing against one another. However, as the damage gets severe, it causes chronic inflammation that weakens the joints in time.

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid known to be one of nature’s best anti-inflammatory compound. It is a safe source of protein to build muscles and cartilages without the peril of       unhealthy fats.

Almonds – In short-term basis, inflammation is not bad as it is the body’s natural immunity reaction. However, inflammation brought by joint damage is often frequent thus spawning free-radicals that damages healthy cells. A dose of antioxidant is what you need to fight off these free-radicals. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that also keeps the skin healthy. If you are not fond of almonds, other rich sources are peanuts, sunflower seeds, olives, dried apricots, and taro roots.

Papaya – research suggests that people who are deficient in Vitamin C are more likely to be vulnerable with arthritis and other joint problems. Papaya is a fun way to get Vitamin C as it contains twice the amount you can get from orange. It is also rich in beta-carotene. Other Vitamin C rich foods are guava, bell peppers, thyme and parsley, broccoli, kale, kiwi, strawberries, and cayenne peppers.

Apple – Apple is a collagen-rich fruit that benefits the skin, keeping it healthy and young. However, more to beauty benefits of collagen, it is building block in cartilage development. Collagen breakdown results to osteoarthritis so better keep it in good levels. Black beans is also a good source of collagen along with manganese, a mineral also essential for the joints.

Dairy – You cannot disregard calcium in your diet for a strong and healthy bones. Invest on fat-free dairy like yogurt and milk. Together with calcium, you should also take the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D to metabolize calcium intake.



  • Carlos Rejuso

    I definitely agree with this article! Thank you for sharing, Pinoyhood! However, there are circumstances we can’t avoid that we need fast relief from pain because we either have work, we want to spend more time with our family or we don’t want to take risks when it comes to our health. That’s why I am taking Flanax over the years every time I am experiencing joint and body pain. I am not getting any younger anymore so besides of being cautious when it comes to my health, I always keep Flanax within reach!


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