How to Have a Happy Marriage?

Is there such as thing as a perfect marriage? Well, “perfect” in here can be very subjective because there are times that what we see as perfect in the outside can be very troublesome inside the house. Many newlyweds are often asked how married life is going. While others will answer with a smile, others on the other hand—by looking into their expression—shows that things are not going the way they are expecting it to be.

It is a great challenge for most of our OFWs to secure a healthy marriage relationship. Working in a far land away from the family can take its toll, and painful it may be, it is reality that many relationships are being broken.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. However, there are a few couple who cannot stand to the promise of ‘till death do us part. Separation is a very usual resort, but this should never be one.



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You can have a great marriage even you and your partner are apart. How to have a happy marriage? Below are tips:

Work on it!

Love is not a fairy tale that it ends in marriage. There is more to marriage than wearing a gown and a suit and that is something that you have to invest more with. To have a happy marriage means attention and a lot of TLC.

Communicate clearly.

If you will not share your problems to your partner, you will end up resenting always. Prevent yourself from being agitated by telling your spouse what’s bothering you. However, do not speak in a manner that you will put the other in line of defense.

Understand your partner.

Trying to change the person you married into the person that you want will never lead you into a happy marriage. Love is acceptance, and you should have known this since you were in the courting processes. It is painful to know that your partner does not or cannot accept you.

Spend more time together.

Relationship flourish when you spend time together. Time and effort are the keywords in here. Work can be a barrier at times if you won’t work on it. Break those barriers by managing your time and your priorities. Take a record of your happiest moments and reminisce them together.

A happy marriage is a choice. When you see your relationship is falling apart, double your efforts on preventing it.


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